Skrine Pro Speed: Workout Breakout

Workout Group Size:

-Whole Team

-Skill Specific

-Even Split


-In Home

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Determined based on the desired length of the program.

Adaption Phase: learning the proper way to do the warm up and workout.

Intensification Phase: executing techniques learned in the Adaptation phase but at a faster pace.

Workouts: customized depending on client needs.

Speed Training: Speed, Agility, Stability, Conditioning (Optional), Strength Training (Optional)

A system of accountability ensures that each person on the team fulfills his or her responsibilities. Each person has specific tasks and responsibilities that are critical to the overall success of the team. Each athlete will receive an accountability card to keep one another accountable for his or her responsibilities.

Weekly Challenges- Core, Upper/lower body, Nutrition, Nutritional Guidance

Skrine Pro Speed Elite Program consists of the top performers and leaders from each school and individual sessions.

Players will be voted elite by Skrine Pro Speed Staff and Coaches. Elite performers will receive a Elite t-shirts and earn an invite to the Skrine Pro Speed Elite Camp held in July.

Each athlete will also be recognized by media for college exposure.

Masseuse, Nutritionist, Chiropractor